Passing Pluto, 8pm Friday 1st February


A new performance, specifically made for this Late Night at The Minories event:

Whales often communicate at a frequency too low for humans to hear, and their calls can travel vast distances through the oceans. A recording of whalesong is included on The Golden Record, currently hurtling through space on the Voyager 2 spacecraft. This performance lecture explores these startling distances, and attempts to visualize the enormous soundwaves of whalesong.


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February 2013

I’ve got two exciting things happening in February: firstly, on Friday 1st February I will be presenting a new piece at ‘Late Night at The Minories’, Colchester, about the physical properties of whalesong.

Following that I will be jetting off to Japan to present ‘Hear a Pin Drop Here’ and ‘One Minute Birdwatching’ in Yokohama, as part of Forest Fringe at TPAM.

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‘Harmony’ extract at The Junction on Saturday

I’ve just finished devising a ten-minute version of An Audio Guide to Varo’s Harmony, which I will perform at the Mad Artists’ Tea Party at the Junction, Cambridge on Saturday.

It follows a performance the night before in Norwich, where I will be performing a live alternative soundtrack to Jan Svankmajer’s 1971 film, Jabberwocky. Friday 7-9pm St Margaret’s Church, free entry.

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A Day with a Duck

I will be performing a duck-specific version of One Minute Birdwatching in Ely, on Saturday 15th September 11am-3pm (on the hour):

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Edinburgh flyers are off to the printers…

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Next Babygrand performance: 13th July 2012

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Alternative Site Survey, Firstsite, 23.06.12

I surveyed the different floor surfaces at Firstsite, Colchester, to determine which were best for making a pin resonate when dropped. It seems the best surfaces were a kind of stone-effect vinyl which allowed the pin to bounce a little. This made the metal resonate, so the pin sounded sharper and more bell-like.


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