Hong Kong

I am shortly off to Hong Kong with my project ‘Hear a Pin Drop Here’, courtesy of Kwai Tsing Theatre’s Art Snap festival, and Forest Fringe.

Updates will be found on the Hear a Pin Drop Here website.


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RISE, 21st June 2014

RISE poster

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Passing Through and Settling, 4th and 5th May

I’m currently working on the launch weekend for a community art project taking place in Girton, Cambridge. So far, I have a dawn chorus listening event at 5am on Sunday 4th May, with local physicist James de Winter teaching us about sonograms, followed by 10 One Minute Birdwatching sessions on Monday 5th May. If you’re near Cambridge, please come!


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Monomania Festival 8th March, Cambridge

Monomania route map

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Cafe Jukebox at Hunt & Darton Cafe, Edinburgh

Cafe Jukebox installation


I have recorded the ambience of 7 other cafes, which you can select on this jukebox if you are bored of the actual one. 21 St Mary’s Street, Edinburgh, 3-25 August.

Closing Time detail

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Battersea Arts Centre 7th June 7.15pm

BAC Map web

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Three works, coming soon

A quick update:

Friday 17th May at 11pm (yes, PM) I will be performing a new version of Passing Pluto at Norwich Arts Centre. http://norwichartscentre.co.uk/live-art-club-friday/

Friday 24th May from 11am-4pm I am investigating the electromagnetic fields of Corby’s new Cube building, with Fermynwoods Contemporary Art. http://www.fermynwoods.co.uk/current-programme/workshopstalksevents/holly-rumble/

Friday 7th June 7.15pm is the culmination of a week’s pin dropping around Battersea Arts Centre. Join me for a talk and a tour.

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Passing Pluto, 8pm Friday 1st February


A new performance, specifically made for this Late Night at The Minories event:

Whales often communicate at a frequency too low for humans to hear, and their calls can travel vast distances through the oceans. A recording of whalesong is included on The Golden Record, currently hurtling through space on the Voyager 2 spacecraft. This performance lecture explores these startling distances, and attempts to visualize the enormous soundwaves of whalesong.


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February 2013

I’ve got two exciting things happening in February: firstly, on Friday 1st February I will be presenting a new piece at ‘Late Night at The Minories’, Colchester, about the physical properties of whalesong.

Following that I will be jetting off to Japan to present ‘Hear a Pin Drop Here’ and ‘One Minute Birdwatching’ in Yokohama, as part of Forest Fringe at TPAM. http://www.tpam.or.jp/showing/internationalshowcase/674/?lang=en

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‘Harmony’ extract at The Junction on Saturday

I’ve just finished devising a ten-minute version of An Audio Guide to Varo’s Harmony, which I will perform at the Mad Artists’ Tea Party at the Junction, Cambridge on Saturday. http://www.junction.co.uk/artist/4755

It follows a performance the night before in Norwich, where I will be performing a live alternative soundtrack to Jan Svankmajer’s 1971 film, Jabberwocky. Friday 7-9pm St Margaret’s Church, free entry. http://norwichsoundandvision.co.uk/sound-of-silents/

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